M. Cristina Aranda Gil. (Hereinafter, OWNER OF THE WEB), is selling activity patterns and trends. To start the buying process, the user must register at the website The General Conditions of Sale apply to sales made through the aforementioned website THE OWNER OF THE SITE.



Web site: website.

USER (S) means any natural or legal person who curse orders of one or more services or products through the Web Site.

PRODUCT (S): the products offered for sale on the website.

TERMS OF SALE: all the clauses contained in these Conditions of Sale, which apply to any order placed through the Web Site.



The fact of placing an order implies full and unreserved by the User of these Terms and Conditions acceptance. In the absence of express acceptance, any contrary condition posed by the user will not take effect against THE OWNER OF THE WEB, whatever the time has been notified. THE OWNER OF THE WEB reserves the right to adapt or modify these General Conditions of Sale. In case of modification, the General Conditions of Sale in force shall apply to every order on the date of the order.



Users acknowledge enjoy legal capacity to conclude this contract and be bound, therefore, to the General Conditions of Sale.



The User will make the purchase of Products from the Website. Pressing the button "Pay" during the checkout process, the User declares fully and unreservedly accept all of the General Conditions. The data recorded by THE OWNER OF THE WEB constitute proof of the transactions made between the owner of the web and the user. THE OWNER OF THE WEB confirm your order by sending an email. Each User declares with full ability to use credit cards and that they have sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the purchase of products through The contractual information is presented in Spanish language and will be confirmed at the latest at the time of delivery. THE OWNER OF THE WEB reserves the right to refuse an order for any user to have a dispute.

We offer two types of licenses:
It is a non-exclusive license.
They can be used worldwide in an unlimited time.
They can be modified.
All prints are in high quality: vector format, .ai and .pdf.
You are free to use this image:
- For both personal and commercial projects and to modify it.
- In a website or presentation template or application or as part of your design.
 It is an exclusive license.
Once the payment is done, the print is for the customer’s exclusive use and it is instantly removed from the website.
The prints can be used worldwide in an unlimited time.
They can be modified.
All prints are in high quality: vector format, .ai and .pdf.

You are free to use this image:
- For both personal and commercial projects and to modify it.
- In a website or presentation template or application or as part of your desi


Duplication, sub-licensing or resale. Using Designs in pornographic, fraudulent, obscene, immoral, infringing, illegal, blasphemous or defamatory material.

You are not allowed to:
- Sub-license, resell or rent it.
- Include it in any online or offline archive or database.


THE OWNER OF THE WEB will strive to meet the user demand for their products. However, sometimes, hardly controllable causes such as human errors or incidents on computer systems, it is possible that the product is not available. In case of unavailability of a product after the order has been made the user will be informed by email of its cancellation. Following this demand, speed the return on the customer's bank account depend on the type of bank card or payment system.



By accepting the General Conditions of Sale and Terms of Use and once confirmed the purchase process will be formalized order. At this time, THE OWNER OF THE WEB send the user an email confirming the details of the purchase, that is, the identification of products and contracted services and prices.



All prices listed products through the Web site do not include taxes. They not include other special taxes that may apply. THE OWNER OF THE WEB reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products will be billed based on the rates in effect at the time of registration of orders. The products remain the property of the supplier until the time that there has been full payment of the price.

The regulation of purchases is made by credit card and Paypal. In the event that the POS (Point of Sale) informed of the refusal of the card will automatically cancel the order, reporting online customer such cancellation.



For your safety, OWNER OF THE WEB has entrusted the payment system PayPal and SERMEPA, through its payment gateway. The bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to servers in the bank and then are verified with the issuing bank to prevent fraud and abuse. This method of data encryption is guaranteed by SSL encryption technology, one of the systems most advanced and effective protection currently available, thanks to which, no third party will have Internet access to this information concerning banking data entered by the customer . PayPal and SERMEPA only have access to banking data linked to these payment methods, so that the owner of the web does not have access to confidential information relating to the payment method used, and therefore no stores. Subsequently, PayPal and SERMEPA supplied this information to THE OWNER OF THE WEB through the so-called bank statements.



The products and services purchased on the Website and download products will be downloaded directly by the buyer in their personal electronic device, who was previously reported that for its use may be specific requirements for software, hardware and connection necessary preferably high-speed Internet. THE OWNER OF THE WEB not liable for poor use of the products due to the lack of requirements of software, hardware or other requirements, or disruptions produced during discharge to THE OWNER OF THE WEB not attributable.



The right of withdrawal in files supplied electronically or via capable of being downloaded or reproduced with immediate effect shall not apply.



These General Conditions and any relationship between you and THE OWNER OF THE WEB are governed by Spanish law. For any dispute arising from the existence or content of these General Conditions or relationships between the User and THE OWNER OF THE WEB both parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, submit to the jurisdiction exclusive of the courts of the city of Barcelona.