About Us

Who are we?

• The Patterns Gallery is a selling prints and trends website.

• We are a team of designers, cool hunters and active members of recognized international consultations of trends decision.

• 25 years of passion for design, love for fashion and dedication to the textile and graphic world are the basis of our work and experience.


What do we do?

• We offer efficient, creative designs coupled with commitment to reliability, experience and sensitivity by the latest trends.

• Creation is no longer temporary it has become continuous, and there lies our collaboration space with any company that requires original designs at any time.

• We settle as an exit platform to the creativity of illustrators, artists, graphic and printing designers, selecting their best and most adaptable designs.


Why us? 

• If you want to access a platform that offers nonstop exclusive and original drawings, without being subject to seasons.

• If you want to access a selection of specialized information on the latest trends in fashion, result of the participation in the most important international consultations of decision concepts, colors and designs.

• If you want to have a wide variety of proposals by creatives and young experts in design.

• If you prefer owning your timing in the purchase of drawings of stamping.

• If you are out of the loop or dislocated from the textile supply.

• For ease of navigating, watching, selecting and buying from the office.